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20 February 2009 @ 03:45 pm
Helping a Friend  
Its perfectly natural for old friends  to slip away and loose touch.  That’s just part of life.  But part of the beauty of the internet is the ability to catch up with some of those long lost acquaintances.  Places like My Space and Facebook provide us with the ying and yang of meeting up with people that have been long gone but not forgotten.  But this experience always seems to have a strange bitter sweet element too it.  Although it’s incredibly exciting to find out that your friends remember you and are still willing to talk to you, there’s always a little sadness to realizing how much time and how many events you’ve missed over the years.

As you’ve probably guessed, I’ve had one of these encounters lately (actually I’ve had several, but I’m specifically talking about one).  An old college friend of mind who I haven’t seen in over 20 years, Susannah Kist.  So I look her up and what do I find!!!   A news article!  That’s rarely good.  Check out her website for more detailed info.

So to make a long story short, this friend that I shared so many experiences with, and helped me develop my creative style and instincts, is having some medical challenges.  Serious challenges.  And obviously we all know how tough things are these days financially, I don’t even want to think about how scary something like this could be.  Susannah was always someone who never hesitated to take time out of her busy college schedule to act in plays I directed, help me write a radio musical, or teach me how to sing about cows.

As somebody who just draws funny pictures, there are limits to my ability to be heroic and helpful.  However I can turn to you, my faithful friends and fans to help out.  I’ve seen how generous the web comic community can be during times of crisis and I’d like to implore you to help me help my friend Susannah.

So here’s the deal.  This weekend I’m going to put together a super special, ultra top secret Zortic wallpaper.  Anyone who makes a donation to my Paypal account over the next two weeks (which will be forwarded  to the cause) will receive this special wallpapar (featuring the new Entire Prize.  Sssh).  So please find the donation button on either Zortic or ETI-PI and give what you can.  And when you send your donation, be sure to include your screen resolution so I can send you a custom fit image.  But please, you can gush about how awesome it looks, but don’t give away any details of the Entire Prize yet, it will be revealed in a few more weeks.  I promise.

So please, let’s once again show the world what a difference the web community can make! 

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